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Blood Meridian and the challenges of adaptation

By Ewan Bissell, 3rd Year History Cormac McCarthy is the man behind some of the most memorable adaptations in recent
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Why are comedy films less critically acclaimed?

In the summer of 2016 the BBC published a list of films to decide the best movies of the 21st century. Very few comedies made the list.
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Brexit: The Uncivil War is a genre mish-mash attempting to delve deep into the real life referendum campaigns

In January, a TV movie, written by James Graham, aired on Channel 4 and gave an insight into how Dominic Cummings swayed the British public in the lead up to the 2016 referendum. On what was meant to be ‘Brexit Day’, Epigram Film & TV looks back on the dramatic retelling.
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Female film icons: Lynne Ramsay

As part of Epigram Film & TV's 'Female Film Icons' series, the significance of Lynne Ramsay's directorial career since 1999 is explored.
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South African Spook Hunter is filled with all the right moral spirits

The first feature to be screened at Bristol Rebel Film Festival is a mockumentary following a David Brent style character following paranormal activity.
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Vice defies biopic traditions and descends into cinematic madness

Adam McKay’s unconventional portrait of former Vice President Dick Cheney shows admirable conviction in unique filmmaking techniques, but ultimately loses a sense of meaning in its efforts.
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Holmes & Watson deduced to be murderer of good comedy

The silly comedy duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly portray the famous Victorian detective and sidekick in this parody gone wrong.
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White Boy Rick a weak Scorsese imitation

A crazy, true-crime script, a young acting talent and Matthew McConaughey contribute to a film with heart, but ultimately it fails to reach expectations.
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