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French Film and Filmmaker Favourites

With the Watershed’s ‘French Film Festival on Tour’ starting on 12 December, we asked some of our writers about their top picks of French cinema
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Bojack Horseman season 6 is a fitting end to the bizarre nihilistic series

Netflix’s popular animated series Bojack Horseman (2014 – present), starring Will Arnett as the titular character, has returned with its sixth season, and it does not disappoint
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Top five things for film fans in Bristol

Do you love film? Have you just moved into Bristol? Here's a rundown of the must-do places, societies and activities to keep you busily entertained
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How film and TV series have highlighted specific, diagnosable mental illnesses

In the first part of our 'Mental Health in Film & TV' series, we focus on five examples which have raised awareness and knowledge for stigmatised conditions.
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In conversation with KAWALA

Ellie Fernyhough interviews KAWALA frontmen Jim Higson and Daniel McCarthy before their show at Hy-Brasil Music Club
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Review / SN#6: Chicken Picnic, Drug Store Romeos, Zebrafi & Jemima Coulter

Ellie Fernyhough reviews Spinny Nights Ltd's sixth night. Featuring a mix of student artists and those from further afield, Spinny
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An interview with Guy Andrews

Ellie Fernyhough interviews Guy Andrews, a London-based, Brighton-born producer and DJ known for his dark, highly textured pieces. His newest
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