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Review | Brave Mirror's 'Antigone' ★★★★★

By Bamidele Madamidola, Arts Critic A stimulating take on a classic Greek tragedy. Following last week's protests, I cannot help
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City Killed the Stars: Spotlights Lockdown Radio Play

By Bamidele Madamidola, Arts Critic I think a lot of people are in relationships because they don’t want to
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Buying books for Christmas: In defence of Literary ‘Snobbery’.

It’s Christmastime and I imagine most of us at Bristol have a long list of books we want to read, have wish-listed for Christmas and perhaps been gifted, or are finally going to delve into after years of putting off.
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Celebrating Black History: The Black cultural icons who inspire Bristol students

From Bristol’s involvement in the slave trade, to the 1960s Bristol Bus Boycott that helped influence the UK’s first Race Relations Act, Bristol’s important position in Black British history is unquestionable.
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In Defence of Poetry: my tumultuous relationship with verse

Next year, poetry will be made optional for GCSE students in England. We would hope they choose to take it up because, as the pandemic has shown us, poetry can be a valuable form of connection and stir a growth in our humanity.
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