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Are university sports teams too elitist?

University sports teams offer an active outlet outside of academics as well as space for camaraderie, teamwork and competition. However, organised sports at university are a microcosm of the wider issues of inaccessibility and elitism within Britain's institutions.
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The struggles of LGBTQ+ students in lockdown

Needless to say, the past year has had an immeasurable impact on everyone, much of which we are yet to see. However, certain groups have felt the impact of the pandemic disproportionately.
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Opinion | Toxic positivity needs to stop during lockdown

The first UK lockdown felt very different to the one we are in now. Last year’s lockdown for many was characterised by sun, iced coffee, walks and hair dye. Being in lockdown in the depths of winter in January and February, there certainly are less positive aspects to cling to.
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Opinion | Student rent-strikers will not be intimidated into stopping

After weeks of progressive student backlash, the University have once again demonstrated the extent to which they are out of touch with the student body.
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Opinion | Social inclusion is still a problem at the university

Bristol University has a well-established and visible issue with social inclusion. The University must make a concerted effort to change this as clearly not enough has been done to address the issue.
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Opinion | The Arts are important. Don't let the Tories tell you otherwise

It is the opinion of many that arts are an expendable hobby, incomprehensible as a ‘proper career’. The Arts are understatedly important and should be celebrated, not pushed aside.
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