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Alumni no longer permitted access to the majority of the University’s libraries

In February, the University sent an email to all external users of our libraries and library services stating that as of 5 March 2018 their access will be significantly restricted.

External users include Bristol graduates and those who have registered for a Library Visitor card.

These users will no longer have access to the Queen’s Building Library, Education Library, Medical Library, Physics Library, Chemistry Library, Biological Sciences and the Veterinary Sciences Library in Langford.

The reason the University has cited for this change in access is a concern for security and safety from the University’s Security Services.

library access has been 'a fantastic reasource' for some alumni

Sam Neaves, a Bristol alumna, has been regularly using the Queen’s Building Library for the past four years, since returning to Bristol. He has told Epigram that access to the library ‘has been a great inspiration when thinking of new business ideas and a fantastic resource for tackling technical problems in my work.’

External users will still have access to the contents of libraries other than the ASSL and Wills’ Library, but it will be through a book retrieval service, a move which Sam believes to be ‘really retrograde.’

'with many community libraries under threat of closure, the loss of academic bookshops in and around campus ... this service will be greatly missed'

He went on to talk of the ‘The fortuitous serendipity that is afforded by the ability to browse books in person’, and how it ‘is an increasingly rare and valuable asset, with many community libraries under threat of closure, the loss of academic bookshops in and around campus and now the threat to reduce access to the unique collections held by the university, this service will be greatly missed by current and future alumni.’

If you wish to request further information on this decision please contact Library Services at

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