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University confirms that 'all exams will be open book', in response to open letter from students

ice-Chancellor Hugh Brady has responded to final year students, addressing the main concerns highlighted by an open letter sent to the university last week.

By Annie La Vespa, Digital News Editor

Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady rejected the suggestion made by some students that end of year assessments should be made optional.

In a letter to students members of the University's senior management responded to calls from final year students for academic leniency in the upcoming summer assessments.  

In his response to an open letter, circulated by Bristol students last week, Professor Hugh Brady’s acknowledged the anxiety final year students  in light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and detailed how the University planned to account for missed teaching.

He confirmed that all exams will be ‘open book’ and with ‘longer time spans for completion’ to avoid exacerbating stress and anxiety. However, coursework  will likely remain largely unchanged with dissertation supervisions continuing to occur ‘in regular online meetings.'  Specific contingency plans for subject assessments will be made by their respective academic school.

Management rejected the suggestion made by some students to make final assessments optional and allow them to accept their current mark 'as is,' stating that this would raise questions of the ‘comparability and fairness of awards’.

Featured image: Epigram / Cameron Scheijde

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