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A Briscrush Love Story…

In light of all things love on Valentine's Day, Epigram investigated the best success stories from Bristol University's most popular crush confessional page, Briscrush...

Featured Image: Briscrush Logo | Facebook

By Madi James, Features Regular Writer, and Allegra Letts, Features Digital Editor.

In light of all things love on Valentine's Day, Epigram investigated the best success stories from Bristol University's most popular crush confessional page, Briscrush...

Although many of us are guilty of scrolling through the famed Briscrush page to catch a glimpse of some familiar initials, and others have even written their own in a last-ditch attempt to re-connect with a certain someone (who will of course totally remember the eye contact they made with you in the ASS on Wednesday at 2pm), the vast majority of us can’t claim to have found success from it. However, a lucky few have managed to meet their long-term partners through a Briscrush post.

‘I didn't really expect it to work out quite as well as it did,’ admits Adam, who met his girlfriend of over a year on Briscrush. ‘During the pandemic it was hard to meet new people, so the only real option was to look online.’

Source: Briscrush Facebook Page

While dating apps have proved to be the most conventional solution for students who have found it difficult to socialise after two years of restrictions, most of us are aware of the trials and tribulations of online dating and the inevitably awkward scenarios that come with it. Instead, Briscrush offers a veil of anonymity for those who want to avoid uncomfortable encounters with their Tinder matches around campus.

For Adam, who wanted to get to know fans of his favourite classical musician, submitting an anonymous post was the best way to go. ‘My Briscrush was basically about wanting to meet someone that liked Chopin because he's my favourite musician, so I figured if someone else liked him that might be a good start!’

‘The first date went really well. I'm pretty sure Chopin was a topic of conversation although we had lots of other things in common too.’

Although Adam’s story may seem wholesome, others have pointed out Briscrush’s problematic and even creepy potential. Attempting to follow up with someone you met on a night out is all well and good, but posting a detailed description of a stranger who you have never spoken to may give off the wrong impression.

‘I think maybe there are some creepy posts but it's good that people's names aren't allowed. It's just a bit of fun in the end, and I think the admins do a good job of making sure nothing too weird gets through.’

Source: Briscrush Facebook Page

However, if you’re looking for a Briscrush beau, you might want to avoid being too vague. ‘I see a lot of people posting stuff like 'brown-haired girl I made eye contact with'. Not really sure what people are expecting to happen there.’

While Briscrush success stories may be rare, there are certainly some out there - or at least the one or two plucked from Epigram’s investigation. Nonetheless, with the surgency of participation in online dating or certain alternatives, Briscrush provides an enticing anonymous platform for Bristol students to express their interest.

It is also no secret that Briscrush has almost become a fan page of sorts for some, with many of the same crushes recurring in multiple posts. This normally applies to every man who has worked at a Co-Op in Bristol. Ever.

So, whether you’re planning to write up a not-too-vague but not-too-creepy post about your own Briscrush, or you’re simply scrolling through in an attempt to spot yourself as the object of another’s affection, there is no denying that love can be found on the platform - even over a mutual passion for Chopin.

*Names have been changed for anonymity

Featured Image: Briscrush Logo | Facebook