Living your best single life on Valentine's Day


By Maddy Wheeler, Co-Deputy Editor of Wellbeing

The Croft Magazine // This year, like many other students I will be spending Valentine’s Day single AF. And here is my guide to all of you, who just like me, will spend this day ‘alone’.

You are not alone honey.

Who said that just because you don’t have a dashing suitor turning up at your door with a bunch of roses that you are alone? If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, then celebrate love! We have soulmates everywhere and they don’t have to be your partner I’ve met many of mine in the form of fantastic friends. This year, let us remind ourselves of that and celebrate it. Galentine’s day it is ladies. And for the guys out there, give your bro a hug and tell him you love him. It’s important to share that.

Don't torture yourself focusing on other couples | Epigram / Emily Fromant


This one is important. Don’t torture yourself looking at other people’s proclamations of love on Instagram this year. It is not going to help. Just because social media is telling you that everybody has somebody except for you, I promise that isn’t true. Instead, why not spend the evening reading a romance novel or watching a rom-com? These things can be comforting and remind us that everybody who’s ever been in love was ultimately single before they weren’t. Love is on it’s way to you to, just give it time.

Dress up for yourself this valentines | Epigram / Charlie Tonks

Do whatever it is that makes you feel sexy

I think one of the problems that us singletons face this holiday is that it knocks our confidence. So do something that makes you feel like your best self. Whether that’s dressing up and taking some killer selfies or having a ten-step skincare routine, you do you boo. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we’ve still got it, even when Brad isn’t telling you you’re fit, you can tell yourself.

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However, if you do find yourself sobbing into your pillow feeling like the abyss of single life is just too much, embrace it. Cry it out and then remind yourself that this is just one day. I understand you, we’ve all been there. Remember, being single is the one point in your life that all that matters is you. So, celebrate the fact that you’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you and there is no one in your way.

Featured image: Unsplash / Annie Spratt

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