The post-Christmas getaway guide


By Orla McHale, Travel Sub-Editor

The Croft Magazine // As we wind up Christmas, there's still time to jump over for a getaway.

1. Know your budget

While a Christmas spent roaming the streets of New York and skating by the Rockefeller may be on your bucket list, maybe save it for when you’re not on a student budget. Instead, opt for more pocket-friendly European locations such as Brussels or Krakow.

2. Check restrictions

Unfortunately, the reality this Christmas is that you still need to keep yourself up to date on coronavirus restrictions before you go. With some European countries going back into lockdown, insurance is essential. You may well be grateful for spending that extra £20 on a refundable Airbnb.

3. Do your research

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip to find you missed their dazzling light display. So, even if you’re a spontaneous traveller, having a list of must-dos never hurts.

4. Get in the spirit

And, finally, relax and have a merry time on your well-deserved Christmas break.

Featured Image: Epigram / Orla McHale