Review: Joesef @ The Louisiana


By Emma Pope, Co-Deputy Music Editor

In the two years since he first graced the world with his music, Joesef has become a soulful sensation. Having begun a career with a gig that sold out before he had released any music online, it is no wonder that tickets to see the singer at The Louisiana were quickly snapped up. In the queue to get into the wonderfully intimate venue, the air was full of anticipation, the crowd eagerly awaiting an evening with Joesef’s smooth, jazzy Glaswegian voice.

Backed by his brilliant band, Joesef kicked off the evening under the pink lights with a gorgeous rendition of ‘Loverboy’. From the get-go the audience was captivated, everyone singing along, lyrics like “I really think that I don’t need your love” drawing us all in. His emotive tracks about messy breakups, self-love and vulnerability make for music we can all relate to, and it was clear the crowd was feeling the vibe.

Joesef’s repertoire is incredibly varied, and though his delivery of ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’ got toes tapping, it was difficult not to shed a tear at his tender performance of ‘Comedown’ – perhaps the gentlest song of his 2020 album. Joesef has continued the gentle vibe with his new single ‘Fire’, released on the 22ndSeptember. Written after his recent move to London, the song is particularly heartfelt, with words about love lost and the painful reminders that we sometimes need to escape.

Joesef live at the Louisiana / Emma Pope

The highlight of the evening – the part I will be thinking of fondly – had to have been the performance of ‘Thinking of You’, a cover of the iconic tune by Sister Sledge. Everyone was having a blast, the groovy beats filling the room and the contagious grin of the guitarist putting a smile on every face. In fact, though Joesef was certainly the star of the show, the five musicians surrounding him shaped the evening. Throughout the gig Joesef and his band gelled perfectly, showing an unmistakable air of love and appreciation of one another. This sense of togetherness spread to include the whole room.

The intimacy of the venue made for a fantastic evening, and we left feeling as if we knew Joesef well. Joesef is open about how sharing his personal experiences has helped him, and this month created an anonymous admissions box, an opportunity for listeners to share whatever it is that’s getting them down.

Thankfully we’re not seeing the back of Joesef for long, as he returns for another sell-out show at the O2 on November the 8th.

Featured image: Emma Pope

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