Climate protest marches through Bristol


By Jessie Millson, Co-Deputy News Editor

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Bristol on Friday to raise awareness for, and call for immediate action on, the climate crisis.

Friday's Climate Strike, held in partnership with Extinction Rebellion Youth Bristol, Bristol SU, Bath SU, UWE SU and Bath Spa SU, focused on circulating information ahead of the COP26 climate conference and rallying against government inaction on climate change.

The protest began at 12pm on College Green with speakers voicing the need for urgent climate action from a podium set up in front of the Bristol City Council building.

Epigram / Joshua Littleford

Speakers from Bristol SU urged protestors to keep pushing the university to take larger steps in tackling our environmental impact, including cutting ties with research partners who have negative environmental impacts.

Protestors then began their march through Bristol city centre, chanting, holding large banners and stopping traffic.

Talia was one of the protest's speakers who plans on attending COP26 this year to work with a number of youth groups and represent bodies of people unrepresented by the government.

Epigram / Joshua Littleford

Speaking to Epigram on what she thinks the outcome of COP26 should be, Talia said:

‘Regardless of outcomes, I think the way it’s structured, even in the lead up before the actual conference happens, the conversations that are happening inside aren’t even the right conversations because they’re not including the majority of the people that need to be included.

‘I don’t have any faith in the outcomes being in any way impactful or what we need.’

When asked if it is possible for individuals to make a positive difference for the climate, Talia said:

‘I think connecting with groups or organisations engaged in action around the climate crisis, especially those that advocate and act for those that are already experiencing the climate crisis first hand.

'Individual actions are important but it's more important to act collectively and engage collectively.’

Featured Image: Epigram / Chase Wiant

Did you attend Friday's Climate Strike?