Bristol students' sex lives 'worst hit' by pandemic survey finds


By Eve Bentley-Hussey, SU Correspondent

Bristol University students also ranked first for 'Most likely to receive an unsolicited nude' and 'most likely to organise a date or hookup.'

The Student Beans Sex n' Education annual survey asked 3,000 UK students about their sex and dating life.

Bristol University students were at the top of the league for having their sex lives most affected by COVID-19 restrictions, meaning students are having less sex than before the pandemic.

Student Beans User Survey 2021 / Student Beans

The survey also ranked Bristol students most likely to organise a date via social media and to have received unsolicited nude images.

But Bristol students were still ranked 4th most likely to be having sex at least once a week behind Newcastle, Belfast and Liverpool despite the negative impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Student Beans ranked Bristol students 4th most likely to be ghosted and 4th most likely to ghost someone else.

Student Beans User Survey 2021 / Student Beans

62 per cent of all students interviewed said they were having less sex due to the pandemic as they were struggling to meet new people and 63 per cent said their dating life has been negatively affected by it, including relationships ending.

To keep love lives alive during the pandemic, Student Beans recommends virtual dates or surprising partners.

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Featured Image: Student Beans User Survey 2021 / Student Beans

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