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Out of the ashes: the story of a small Bristol nature reserve

The industrial past of east Bristol has left a unique ecosystem in its wake, allowing the flora and fauna to thrive in the now protected nature reserve.
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Digging for gold: success of plants unearthed by ancient faeces

The origin of the immeasurable diversity of plants we see today has been unearthed by the discovery of a ‘life giving’ fossil. The last meal of the 98-million-year-old insect shows that plants owe their biodiversity to ancient plant-pollinator relationships.
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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch: SOS from Bristol’s birds

Recent results from the world’s largest wildlife survey show that British birds are in more danger than ever. Though all is not lost, as even some of our fastest declining birds can be enticed into student gardens in Bristol.
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Conservative crocodiles outshone by their ancestors

Hundreds of fossils dating back 230 million years unearth a lost world of innovation, showing that modern crocodiles represent just a snapshot of their prehistoric biodiversity.
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Keeping a social distANTS

While social distancing is a new way of life for us, when plagued by disease ants started keeping a safe distance from one another long before we did. This was recently unveiled by what experts call the ‘perfect tracking system’.
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