University U-turn on decision to use bursaries to offset outstanding rent payments


By Emilie Robinson, Digital News Editor

Students have been informed today by email that their bursary payments will now not be used to offset outstanding debts.

The University's backtrack this evening follows Bristol, Cut the Rent’s expression of dismay yesterday over the decision to use student bursaries to cover rent money owed to the university.

A full instalment of money will be transferred into student nominated bank accounts on 2 December.

In response to the change, Bristol, Cut the Rent stated in a Tweet that ‘This is a welcome U turn but that this was uni policy in the first place is shameful.

‘The uni must now meet our demands and grant a rent reduction.’

Speaking about the new outcome, a University of Bristol spokesperson said: ‘In light of the current circumstances and following discussion with Bristol Students’ Union, we have decided we will not offset any bursary payments made in December against student debt.

‘We apologise for the uncertainty this has caused and can confirm instalments will be paid in full to all bursary recipient on 2 December.’

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