'It's raucous, outrageous, and a bit naughty': student launches online satire magazine


By Imogen Howse, Deputy Arts Editor

Many people are using lockdown as an opportunity to tap into their creativity, engage their entrepreneurial mindsets, and put all this unexpected free time to good use. For one Bristol student, this is exactly how ‘Quaranzine’ was born.

Sophie Peachey, self-proclaimed satirical writing enthusiast, was looking for a way to provide some light-hearted entertainment for those in self-isolation. She’s always enjoyed satire, and over the years has often reached out to a certain magazine with the hopes of becoming a contributor; unfortunately, this was to no avail. Instead of letting the rejection get her down however, the third year student decided to simply create her own online satire site - one where she was in charge.

‘Quaranzine’ is all about quick wit, clever writing, and comic relief. During a time which can seem pretty bleak, Sophie cites the magazine’s main aim as lifting readers’ spirits – "if we can get a snort out of people, then we’re doing something right."

There’s a submission point on the website and writers can send in their humorous musings on anything that comes to mind – content ranges from politics, to heartbreak, to sex – and everything has a satirical edge. "In particular, I love all the naughty, NSFW articles," Sophie adds, "because you don’t really see them in many publications."

It’s also been important to Sophie that ‘Quaranzine’ includes the best of women’s comedic writing. "There’s a trope that often circulates that 'the f in women stands for funny' – I feel proud to be able to showcase writing from women that firmly puts that myth to bed."

All articles have a satirical edge / Quaranzine / Sophie Peachey

Sophie works alongside school friends Camy Sandford and Chiara Maurino, both of whom oversee the website’s marketing. Together, the three students have also branched out from satirical writing all the way to videography: they’ve recently released a twenty-minute episode of ‘Quarantine First Dates,’ where ten complete strangers attended blind dates over the video-call platform Zoom.

When asked to describe ‘Quaranzine’ in a few words, Sophie, who is studying Politics & International Relations, opted for "raucous, outrageous, and a bit naughty." She continues: "The website is still very much in its infancy, but it’s been a brilliant process - excluding the blow my dissertation has taken. I hope people enjoy!"

Featured Image: Quaranzine / Sophie Peachey

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