Bristol student launches online learning platform to help other engineering students


By Annie La Vespa, Digital News Editor

The faculty of Engineering have donated £5,000 to help fund the start-up.

A final year student, Ilham Said, has launched an online platform to provide engineering students with additional learning support.

Ilham Said, a fourth-year aerospace engineering student, founded the online platform Engineer2Engineer, which connects current engineering students with academics, industry professionals and other students.

Speaking about her motivation behind the platform, Ilham stated that she ‘saw a gap in the educational system’ which she felt ‘this platform could fill’.

Engineer2Engineer allows students to easily ask questions regarding a particular topic or problem and quickly receive answers from leading academics in the field.

Students can use this tool to improve in their specialised area, or to broaden their knowledge in other areas of engineering.

The platform is also designed to help promote peer-peer learning, by allowing students to help friends whilst simultaneously consolidating their own knowledge.

Speaking about their experience of the platform, one student said: ‘It can really work well outside of University as it gives students a sense of achievement by helping others.’

The project has been supported by the Faculty of Engineering and the New Enterprise Competition, who have made a collective donation of £5,000 to help fund the start-up.

Featured image:Epigram/Cameron Scheijde

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