Bristol declares ecological emergency


By Maddy Russell, News Editor

Around 15 percent of local wildlife has been categorised as at risk of extinction

Bristol has become the first city in the UK to declare an ecological emergency in response to increased threats to the city’s wildlife and ecosystems.

In a declaration made jointly by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees and Ian Bartlett, CEO of Avon Wildlife trust, the Council pledged to do more in order to protect existing habitats from being destroyed and to manage existing land more sustainably.

The news comes following the city’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2018.

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees, said: ‘It is not too late to start the recovery of our wildlife. We must work together to grasp this last chance and put things right for nature and wildlife in our city.

‘This is about how we responsibly build and develop the City, so humans don’t threaten wildlife and instead support them to grow alongside us.

‘We can’t solve this issue over-night but if we make sure we consider the ecology when we build each new development, and take major city decisions, then we can start to make major progress.’

Featured Image: Unsplash / Jakob Cotton

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