New Bristol slang course provides hope for understanding locals on nights out


By Benjamin Salmon, Deputy News Editor

Language experts are offering an online dialect course for University students in Bristol in an effort get out-of-towners to understand the local lingo.

Quizlet, an online learning platform, is offering the course on their website to make students get into the spirit of their adopted home.

They are also offering Scouse, Brummie, Geordie and Glasgow Patter classes, among others, for students attending university in other  cities.

The classes are designed to help students assimilate within communities when they may feel intimidated by the ‘language barrier’.

It is hoped the lessons will allow Bristol students the chance to know their ‘Alright me babber?’ (Hello, how are you?’) from their ‘gert lush’ (‘really good’).

On hearing the news, a third-year politics student sounded their excitement: ‘At last! I can converse with the locals in Mbargo’s on a Saturday!’

The Bristol course was designed by Katiuska Ferrer Portillo, a philosophy PhD researcher at the University.

The courses were launched to coincide with the release of new data from Quizlet which showed that 11% of students had never visited their university town before moving.

The data also showed that 44% of student said they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ socialise with locals.