Vegetarian and vegan Source cafe opens on campus


By Ellie Brown, News Subeditor

The University’s first meat-free Source Café is now open.

Located on the Third Floor of Senate House, the café will operate on weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm. It will also only sell vegetarian and vegan products.

The café is hosting a launch event today, featuring a stall run by Oumph!, a Swedish food company specialising in soy-based products. Additionally, members of staff will be giving away free samples of Phat vegan pastries between 12pm and 2pm.

This comes as part of a wider push by the University to make Source cafes more sustainable. Sandwiches in the ‘Source V’ café are wrapped in a special biodegradable plastic, and the outlet also sells vegan favourites such as Alpro chocolate dessert pots.

Daniel Cook (pictured), supervisor of the Hawthorns bar and café, was one of the coordinators in charge of setting up the new outlet. He said:

‘The idea for a Source café selling vegetarian and vegan only products has been in the works for some time. As well as sustainability reasons, there was a clear market for it – hopefully this will satisfy that demand.’

Other changes aimed at increasing sustainability include a discount of 30p on hot drinks for customers with a reusable cup – up from 20p last year; an end to single-use plastic sachets and bottled water; and the addition of Huskcups to Source’s range of drinkware.

Source outlets will also no longer be selling sandwiches containing beef, though according to research done by the café these only made up 3 per cent of their existing range.

Featured image: Gabi Spiro/ Epigram

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