Interview/ Q&A with The Sherlocks


By Lauren Paddison, Second Year Music

Indie rockers, The Sherlocks, took the time to answer our questions ahead of the release of their second album ‘Under Your Sky’ which will hit streaming platforms on the 4th of October.

The band are Reading and Leeds festival staples, sitting neatly alongside the raucous nothern indie rock of The Courteeners and the skinny jeans clad of early Arctic Monkeys. After the success of debut album ‘Live for the Moment’ in 2017, the foursome are back, two years wiser with an 11-track record and an extensive tour of the UK and Europe.

What has been your best on-stage moment?

One of the best on stage moments would have been playing in Osaka at Summersonic. We had an absolutely beautiful view of the crowd which was also overlooking a river in the distance.

How does being brothers affect how you work together?

We’ve grown up together, so we know exactly how each other works. There’s already a chemistry there I guess so it helps.

Has there been any conflict at times?

In the younger days Kiaran and Brandon would argue and fight a lot. Once it happened on stage when Brandon threw a drumstick at Kiaran’s head and then Kiaran picked it up and threw it back. It’s just healthy banter these days between all the band members.

How did you all meet and decide to make music together?

Andy and Josh moved into Bolton on Dearne where we live, and we all started playing football together then started having jamming sessions in the garage/conservatory playing to friends. Then, we moved onto the pub/club scene.

Is there a story behind why you decided to call the band ‘The Sherlocks’?

It came from the phrase ‘No sh*t Sherlock’ because Andy used to say really obvious things all the time. It also came from the lack of good band names flying around so it was really the best of bad bunch.

What would be your advice to young bands in a similar position to when you started out?

Graft, graft and graft some more. Good things come to those who work for it! Work on your songs, be honest with yourself about the songs and then go and take them on the road and enjoy yourself.

What would you say are the main themes in your latest album ‘Under Your Sky’?

I would say the album is a lot more of a mature sounding record! It’s an album with several themes, one being our experiences in life. We’ve seen a lot more of the world now and experienced more in our personal lives.

What would you want listeners to take away from it?

We want people to listen to the album and just enjoy the feel-good vibes this record gives. We want them to love it and then come sing their hearts out with us.

The band are playing SWX Bristol on the 27th October