Caroline Lucas tells students ‘these EU elections will determine your future’


By Maddy Russell, News Editor

At a rally held on campus yesterday, 20 May, former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas called on Bristol students to vote in support of freedom of movement in the upcoming EU elections.

The event held at the University of Bristol aimed to canvas support amongst Bristol students for two Green MEP candidates for the South West: incumbent MEP Molly Scott Cater and current Bristol City Councilor Carla Denyer.

Talking to Epigram Lucas said: ‘I think these EU elections will determine young people’s future. This is partly to do with freedom of movement and the privileges that it brings, such as the ability to study and travel abroad freely.'

'Brexit represents older people kicking the ladder of opportunities, which they had themselves, away from young people. It is, in my opinion, an intergenerational betrayal.’

In her speech, Lucas argued that the current EU right to freedom of movement has significantly enriched student’s lives through exchange programs such as the Erasmus Scheme.

She argued that the Green Party had been the only mainstay party in the EU elections to champion freedom of movement, and rights of all EU citizens to travel, study and work across the 28 member states.

MEP Molly Scott Cato also emphasised that she believed that the Greens were the only true young people’s party of remain, stating: ‘A Green Wave is sweeping across the country and we are feeling that in Bristol and other parts of the South West.'

'Labour voters don’t want their vote to be used to deliver Brexit. They realise that Greens are passionately pro-EU, unequivocally support a People’s Vote and want to remain in the EU.’

All the speakers also re-affirmed their commitment to taking bold action on climate change, stating that they believed the UK would be in a better position to influence progress from within the EU.

Bristol student Luke Stagnetto is also standing for election to the European Parliament in the South West and Gibraltar region as part of the Liberal Democrat team.

Elections to the European Parliament are being held this Thursday, 23rd May. Students are able to vote in either their home or university constituency, but not both.

Featured Image: Twitter / @Caroline Lucas

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