Pancake day: the top of toppings


By Nicole Abou-abdallah, Epigram Food Online Editor

Another year has flown by and shrove tuesday has come creeping back again. Time to heat up those pans, squeeze the lemons, and practise those flipping skills you've been waiting to unleash since you wrecked your pancake last year.

In celebration of this fantastic day, here are some topping ideas to spark your imagination when it comes to dressing your pancakes!

Lemon & sugar

There's nothing like a classic topping. A timeless, yet convenient companion for your flipped goods.

Fruity fun!

Why not try a health twist as a topping, by trying to make the 'cake' bit of 'pancake' sound a bit less guilty. Try toppings like crushed blueberries and sugar, strawberries, banana, and even some jam!

Nutty for nutella

The smooth and irresistable pot of heaven that is nutella will complete those thin, rolled pancakes.

Bacon & maple syrup

There's nothing like a sweet and salty combo on top of a deliciously thick and fluffy american-style pancake. Make sure you go heavy on the maple syrup for enhanced goodness.

Cheesy dream

Fulfil your umami cravings with a savoury pancake involving lots of melted cheese. You can even add the cheese to the pancake whilst on the pan to acheive a speedy melt

Featured image: Flickr/ Clara Lidstrom

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