Jackfruit: the meat substitute to try this Veganuary



Jackfruit is the vegan-friendly trend that will blow up in 2019. With over 250,000 signs up on Veganuary, many of us are welcoming in 2019 animal-product free. With an ever-growing list of reasons to shift to adopting this diet, including ethical, environmental and health, both supermarkets and restaurants are improving at catering for vegans. Jackfruit is a vegan-alternative to meat, which has a very similar texture to pulled pork that is set to dominate the meat-free market.

Jackfruit originates from south-west India, and is also grown in places of similar climate. They have a spiked exterior and can typically weigh up to 100 pounds. Jackfruit can be eaten in different forms, the unripened variety is the one that takes the form of meat’s doppelgänger.

Beyond it’s texture, jackfruit also has a good nutritional value, with many nutrients and antioxidants. It has been attributed to a number of positive effects across the whole body, boosting the immune system, reducing cancer risk, promoting bone health and reduces aging.

Jackfruit also has an extremely high yield, with an average plant producing 100-200 fruit a year, it is far less intensive on the land than it is to produce meat. It is thought that increasing farming of jackfruit could be a potential solution to provide greater food security for those in developing countries.

If you are looking to give Jackfruit a try, many supermarkets now have a selection of meals based around the fruit.

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Featured image: Unsplash/Gliezl Bancal