The Cantocks Steps are the most awkward thing about this university


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By Elisha Mans, First Year Politics and IR

Why is there no smooth way to walk down them?!

We’ve all been there, stood at the top of the Cantocks Steps contemplating the gigantic task ahead of us. The descent down.

You start walking. One-foot leads. You can not work out how to change the leading foot. Do you do two mini steps or one large stride?

You falter when the stride is starting to look like an impossible task. Perhaps you opt for the mini-steps, doing an odd shuffle to try to correct yourself.

It inevitably fails. There is no winning technique.

You must begrudgingly accept a difficult combination of shuffling and striding.

This is a dilemma which has faced Bristol students for far too long.

We do not need the feeling of dread and self-consciousness which comes with the descent down these steps as we try to make our way to our lectures. As if the other pressures of university are not enough, the Cantocks Steps provide an unavoidable stress in the lives of all Bristol students.

Some may say it is too extreme to compare these steps to descending Everest, yet the task of Cantocks Steps cannot be seen lightly. It is time to say we are tired of these steps hindering our walk to lectures.

Featured image: Epigram/Ffion Clarke

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