My First Tattoo: Review of Pierced Up, Bristol



Ouch! Style sub-editor Laura Mallinson talks tattoos for newbies and heralds Bristol’s Pierced Up parlour

By Laura Mallinson

Getting a tattoo is something I’ve always wanted to do, but when the appointment was booked the excitement quickly changed to nerves as I ran through all the drastic things which could go wrong. What if it’s wonky? What if the line is too thick? What if I hate it? Those pre-tat threats which people told me about sure as hell came crashing in.

Thankfully, I had done my research and booked in with the highly recommended Pierced Up studio to get my first ink, meaning that these worries were effortlessly brushed away. During countless conversations and endless Google searching, the Pierced Up reputation was coming up trumps time and time again with excellent five star reviews singing their praises. Appropriately priced, very hygienic and high quality art were running themes of Pierced Up’s praise, and I can happily chime in with this applause.

The Pierced Up team’s friendly and professional nature was one of the first things that struck me – along with the colourful wall art. The receptionist went through all the health and safety procedures and then passed me onto the tattooist, Jon Leonard, and his calming northern tones instantly put me at ease. Jon struck me as a no-nonsense kind of guy, and although this may sound scary, it was actually incredibly reassuring as he very professionally took me through every step of the tattooing prior to even getting into the sterilised chair.

My design was simple but Jon followed my exact specification of a 2cm, thin lined equilateral triangle, showing me his drawing before placing it on a transfer. He then measured my wrist and centred the transfer after confirming I was completely happy, each step was filled with reassurance and consultation making me feel perfectly confident in the success of my first tattoo.

Was it painful? The question everybody asks. And frankly yes, of course it’s going to hurt when a needle is in you – the question should be, is it bearable? And that’s another honest yes. It was much better than I was expecting! Now, as a newbie in the tattoo game I’m not going to pretend to know it all, but getting a tattoo on your wrist is meant to be very painful, but the sensation was bearable and over in a flash. Jon reassured me at every step, telling me exactly what he was doing and holding my wrist comfortably steady; this care, combined with excellent artistry meant that my tattoo was perfectly straight and the lines a consistent thickness.

Wrapped in Clingfilm and full of adrenaline I left beaming, after being given an instruction slip all about tattoo aftercare and a full de-brief from Jon to under no-circumstances deviate from the simple instructions to wash and re-cling; as Pierced up proudly claim, ‘you trust us to tattoo you, now you trust our aftercare’. And trust them I do. My tattoo has healed perfectly and is a proud emblem I shall bear forever.


(Photo credit: Laura Mallinson / Epigram)

So, if you’re in the market for new body art, or need that final little push to commit – then consider this your recommendation, Pierced Up is the place for you.

Contact Pierced Up: 0117 930 0611 / Park Row, Bristol
Open: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 6



Featured Image: Romina Farias / Unsplash

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