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Taking over Comment's weekly rant segment, Editor in Chief Alex Boulton condemns those non-arts students who use the ASS library.

I am one of those people who get highly irritable in the Arts and Social Sciences Library. Loud music, chatting, heavy breathing- you are here to study, not have a gossip or listen to Metallica at full volume. Have some respect for the grumpy third year in the corner.

But, there is nothing more disgraceful than giving evils to one of these delinquents, only to realise they aren’t even reading or writing essays but writing equations or tapping numbers into a calculator. As well as being distracting, they are taking up seats for Arts students in their one dedicated building, one which is underfunded and limited in the first place.

Rubbing salt into the wound, when I ventured into the Merchant Venturers Building the other day I discovered that I wasn’t even allowed to log on to one of their zillions of computers. While I understand that this is probably because they have some software vital for the students to complete their course, the ASS exclusively holds arts books and our subject librarians, the arts students’ equivalent to fancy software.

Fix this double standard Bristol, arts students need the ASS a whole lot more than other faculties do.

Originally published in issue 326 .

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Alex Boulton

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