Which art movement best describes your favourite Bristol night out?



Online Arts Editor Helena Raymond-Hayling and local arty party animal Kitty Marryat give you a window into the artistic soul of your favourite Bristol night out.

Lizard Lounge / The Lounge: Pop art

Basic, colourful and tacky. Reminiscent of your primary school years, where let's face it — you peaked. Filled wall to wall with carbon copies of the same people, and home to men who — like Warhol — will retain their virginity well into their fifties.

Andy Warhol, Marilyn (1967) Flickr / cammaert

Bunker/Analog/Gravity: Dadaism

Does anyone really know what it is? Riddled with identity crisis, mystery and in a constant state of metamorphosis.

Time’s up? Stick it to the Man Ray #Metronome #ManRay #ReadyMade #MadeReady

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SWX: Graffiti

Is it a deep political statement about our turbulent society? Or is it a mindless crime against the streets of central Bristol?

Motion: Abstract Expressionism

Pretentious and messy, but ultimately just a shallow pit of hypermasculine circlejerking. Make sure to watch out for the expressive flailing and the iconic drip that puts Pollock to shame.

Lakota: Surrealism

An institution which sanitises the kooky and edgy side of human consciousness and throws in some posh sadboys to make it fit for general consumption. As inconspicuous as Magritte — 'No officer, ceci n'est pas un nos-bar'.

Mbargo's: Cubism

Not much to it, basically just full of squares.

#moma #nyc #picasso #girlwithmandolin Girl with Mandolin

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Cosies: Op art

Small and lesser known than its bigger cousins, this venue can get super freaky and has the power to confuse endlessly.

Love Inn: Conceptual Art

Try as much as you can to get it, but in the end it's just a repurposed toilet. With an undeserving place next to some of the big names, everyone will claim to like it but no one actually will.

Mr Wolf's: Impressionism

Universally appealing and inherently inoffensive, even your nan likes it. All round solid crowd and stands the test of time.

Claude Monet “water lilies”, impressionism 💓

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