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Third letter from parliamentarians to Bristol Uni pressing for action on ‘anti-Jewish racism’

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism has today written to the University of Bristol, concerning the allegations of antisemitism levelled against Professor David Miller.

By Megan Evans, News Editor

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism has today written to the University of Bristol concerning the allegations of ‘anti-Jewish racism’ levelled against Professor David Miller.

Six Officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism (APPG), all Lords and MPs, have today written to Bristol University’s Vice Chancellor Hugh Brady.

The letter concerns the University’s response to allegations against Professor David Miller, who the APPG claim has been ‘inciting racial hatred against Jewish students.’

The letter states that members of the APPG ‘are yet to be satisfied that the institution […] is taking sufficient action.’

The group has criticised the University, saying that ‘it is inconceivable that Professor Miller has not been suspended whilst your investigation into his conduct takes place,’ and that ‘you are demonstrating through your inaction and poor decisions, that Bristol should not be considered a safe space.’

This comes after the University had confirmed they were launching an investigation into the sociology lecturer in March following comments he had made previously during an online conference.

Today’s letter also states that the issue has been raised with the Minister of State for Universities by the APPG’s colleagues, and will soon be made to the Office for Students.

The APPG requests that the University issue an update to them as to the ‘progress made in the investigation so far’, and has asked for clarification over how long the investigation will take and how the affected students will be notified.

The group calls for the University to ‘suspend Professor Miller […] to prevent any Jewish students having to engage with him should they not wish to do so.’

Parliamentarians write to Bristol University calling for action on Antisemitism
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Since the incident involving Professor David Miller on 13 February, there has been mounting pressure for the University to take action, with the sociology professor and the University of Bristol both receiving significant criticism from Bristol JSoc, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS), MPs, UK and international academics.

Professor Miller has received some support in the form of an open letter from over 450 academics worldwide. This letter has been condemned in previous communication from the APPG.

A spokesperson for the University of Bristol has previously stated that they are ‘unable to comment on complaints made about individual members of staff.’

The University spokesperson has also previously said: ‘We remain committed to making our University an inclusive place for all students, while also upholding our commitment to freedom of speech and to the rights of all our students and staff to discuss difficult and sensitive topics.’

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