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The year ahead with InFilm Bristol

InFilm exists in order to give students from all departments the opportunity to begin making films

By Maddy Raven, Film & TV Editor

As part of my ongoing series of interviews with film societies, I sat down (via Zoom) with the new president of InFilm, Amy Coleclough. She’s only the third president of InFilm – it’s still a relatively young society, but they’ve already made quite an impression. And, she’s the first female president.

InFilm exists in order to give students from all departments the opportunity to begin making films: whether you want to start, or you want to continue to build on your pre-existing portfolio. Having been created by film students who didn’t feel that there were enough opportunities for filmmaking in their course, the society has grown, and is comprised of students from all parts of the university. Each teaching block, they aim to make at least three films.

Courtesy of InFilm's Facebook page

One of these films is a Project Elephant production. Before now, Project Elephant was a film that was produced, acted and directed entirely by female identifying members of the society. It has changed a bit this year: now, it’s a space for filmmakers who are female identifying, but also LGBT+ filmmakers, and those who are BIPOC. It exists as a safe space for those who feel underrepresented in the filmmaking community, and for those who may be nervous, and complete beginners. ‘As women in film, sometimes we can hold back our ideas’, Amy told me, ‘creativity is such a vulnerable place, and we want to guarantee a space where you can feel represented’.

There are proposals at the beginning of each teaching block where you can submit your idea. The only requirements are that you must have a producer and a director (don’t need a script at that point!), and of course, an idea. Not only this, but at the end of last year, InFilm were about to start filming, so they’re currently hoping to re-start those projects.

Courtesy of InFilm's Facebook page

The society also runs weekly workshops in order to introduce new members – workshops such as introductions to producing, directing, first assistant directing and editing. Given the current restrictions, they are planning on livestreaming the first one during Welcome Week as part of Give It a Go!

The first proposals are after reading week, but everyone is welcome to come to their workshops both before and after reading week. Other plans in the works include a one-hour film challenge, and a seventy-hour film challenge during reading week.

The committee feel incredibly grateful that filmmaking is something that can be adjusted and adapted to be mindful of the Coronavirus – so many other societies may not be able to run this year because of social distancing. But, InFilm are excited to be welcoming newcomers and returning members, and hope to continue to provide filmmaking opportunities to the student body.

Courtesy of InFilm's Facebook page

Featured: InFilm Bristol Facebook page

Are there any other film societies or student groups you'd like to join?

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