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The best films to watch on Boxing Day

Leftovers, a hangover, a slightly more tense family dynamic, the beginning of the aimless wondering within the purgatory that is the days between Christmas and New Years: the best films to watch on this strange day.

By Seb Davies, Third Year, Philosophy

Boxing day is a day that is different for everyone. Every person you speak to has a different idea of what to do on Boxing Day and yet despite these differences there is no better feeling than a Boxing Day movie. So, whether you are feeling terribly hungover, dealing with a post-Christmas argument or have simply eaten too much to get off the sofa, here are four of the best films to enjoy the Christmas chocolates with and watch on Boxing Day.  

Skyfall (2012)  

A Bond film is the perfect choice for that Boxing Day movie, and there is quite simply no better Bond film to watch than Skyfall. Skyfall has everything you could possibly need in the hunt for that perfect movie. Javier Bardem excels as the terrifying villain Silva alongside a first appearance for a comically sarcastic Ben Whishaw as Q, whilst Judi Dench returns for her seventh stint as M. Exciting action scenes keep you engaged throughout, alongside an outstanding Bond song from Adele to make it even more enjoyable.   

Courtesy of IMDb

Inside Out (2015)  

If there is going to be a list of the best films to watch on boxing day, a Disney film is a must-have on that list. Inside Out is a letterboxd five-star film for me and is a perfect Boxing Day watch. A film that will certainly touch your emotions, Inside Out offers everything in its exploration of the mind of Riley, and the five emotions inside her head. Whether you want to switch off and laugh at how Pixar animates the feeling of anger or dig deeper into Joy and Sadness’ journey through memory island, Inside Out is the perfect feel-good movie for Boxing Day.  

Courtesy of IMDb

Good Will Hunting (1997)  

Nominated for nine Acadamy awards, and winning two of them, Good Will Hunting is my favourite film on this list, and whilst perfect for Boxing Day, I could watch this film every single day of the year. Twenty-year-old Will is a genius and after solving a maths problem whilst working as a janitor at MIT, Will eventually finds himself under the supervision of Professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgård) who forces him to seek help from his old college roommate and now psychologist Dr Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). The bond that forms between Will and Dr Maguire is what makes this film so special, with exceptional performances from Matt Damon and Robin Williams, and is absolutely worth a watch if you haven't already this Boxing Day.  

Courtesy of IMDb

 Paddington (2014)

Get the Christmas chocolate out, pour yourself a drink and sit down to enjoy this wonderful film. Paddington, a lonely bear who has come to London from Darkest Peru, meets the Brown family who decide to look after him as he discovers the wonders of London. A high-intensity movie which provides plenty of laughs as well as nice moments, Paddington is always a strong choice for the Boxing Day movie no matter how many times you watch it.  

Featured Image: Paddington (2014) // Courtesy of IMDb

Which films do you watch on Boxing Day?