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A letter to straight people who want to do better

"But, if you’re going to treat being gay like a topic of conversation, don’t assume we're not in the room." Nura Alyah, Chair of Bristol SU's LGBT+ Network, pens a letter for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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Microaggressions: what are they and how to intervene

Professor Havi Carel contributes her thoughts on departmental microaggressions within the University structure for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggressions campaign.
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No, you can’t touch my hair

Ore Odubiyi, founder of BME Medics, discusses a microaggression regularly faced on campus for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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Things I'm tired of hearing as a black woman

"Can I touch your hair? No. It’s creepy." Epigram's Wellbeing Editor, Jasmine, discusses six common microaggressions against black women for the #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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7 microaggressions I experience as a disabled person

"If my doctors can't diagnose me, you probably can't either," Felix, Chair of Bristol SU's Disabled Students' Network, writes a letter discussing the experience of microaggression for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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Microaggressions: It’s micro, so what’s the big deal?

Chief Executive of Bristol SU Samantha Budd offers her thoughts on the importance of tackling microaggression both on and off campus for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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Yes, I am Pakistani and no, I’m not from the Taliban

Medical student, Neha Maqsood, discusses a series of microaggressions that she regularly experiences for Epigram's #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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25% experience micro-aggressions at University of Bristol

A new Epigram campaign explores microaggression at the University of Bristol. It aims to identify, acknowledge, discuss and confront its different forms. Below are the results of a survey about microaggression filled out by over 200 people.
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