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Review / The Aces @ The Louisiana

'Catchy melodies, relatable lyricism and high energy stage presence', Dylan Morley reviews The Aces at Bristol's Louisiana

By Dylan Morley, Second Year History

'Catchy melodies, relatable lyricism and high energy stage presence', Dylan Morley reviews The Aces at Bristol's Louisiana

The Utahn outfit pleased an engaged crowd of committed followers through an energetic set of pop influenced alternative rock ‘n’ roll. Boasting a conventional fourpiece set up, they pleased a packed crowd of young Bristolians in an intimate venue on Spike Island. The Louisiana offered a perfect opportunity for The Aces to perform their passionate style of accessible music.

Touring their debut studio album, When my Heart Felt Volcanic, The Aces delighted the crowd with hits such as ‘Volcanic love’ and ‘Lovin’ is Bible’. Their tour, having taken them extensively through North America and Northern Europe, arrived in Bristol on a wave of enthusiasm and their onstage confidence shone through their charismatic set.

Sisters Alisa and Cristal Ramirez - drummer and lead vocals respectively - were well synced rhythmically, unsurprisingly having performed together since their early school years.This chemistry was palpable as the sisters guided the band through a set that increasingly reinforced their potential as future cult heroes on the enduringly popular pop-rock scene.

The likeable outfit are seeking success down a familiar path; catchy melodies, relatable lyricism and high energy stage presence. The Aces were able to touch on frequently discussed issues of youth such as love and heartbreak without forcing their listeners to engage past admiring screams and thankful cheers. This style proved popular as The Aces charmed the crowd with anecdotes from their touring experience of the UK to date.

Perhaps the loudest reception of the evening was heard when lead guitarist Katie Henderson announced they would be performing their single ‘Stuck’ as an encore. Being one of their earliest releases, an eagerness spread across the venue, as did a furthered sense of anticipation. The Aces did not let down their admirers as they emphatically brought to a close what was another positive night in their short careers to date.

The burgeoning popularity of the Aces will be interesting to observe over the next few years. Regardless, their UK fans will fondly remember the first time The Aces performed in Bristol.

Featured Image:The Aces/ Red Bull Records

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