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Review: Kofi Stone @ The Louisiana

Two weeks on from dropping two killer tracks, Kofi Stone takes to Bristol’s legendary Louisiana to a sold-out crowd.

By Josh Templeman, Digital Music Editor

Two weeks on from dropping two killer tracks, Kofi Stone takes to Bristol’s legendary Louisiana to a sold-out crowd.

Performing to sold-out crowds is nothing new for the Birmingham-based rapper; in fact, he’d staged two sold-out gigs in Manchester and his hometown in the days prior to his Bristol show.  However, armed with his ever-passionate fanbase and the intimate yet powerful atmosphere that the Louisiana never fails to provide, one couldn’t help but tell this was going to be a special evening, something reaffirmed by Stone himself, claiming the night was the most lively of his tour thus far.

In support was rapper Eerf Evil alongside DJ/producer Srigala – a duo not unfamiliar to fans of Stone following their collaboration on the track ‘Dreams’.  Donned in a white bucket hat, Eerf had the crowd under his spell, the room electric and singing word-for-word along to his track ‘Nice One’.  The duo may have been the supporting acts, but it’s clear they can hold their own and get a crowd bouncing just as much as the main act of the evening.

Already rowdy and fully captivated from the supporting acts, anticipation built quickly for Stone’s entrance, with fans eager to see the main man of the night perform.  His appearance was met with what can only be described as a roar from the crowd, with Stone’s name chanted at the very top of everyone’s lungs.  In typical fashion, this enthusiasm was matched, with Stone opening with the track ‘Frozen Hearts’, only further energising the crowd. However, this was just the beginning and fans knew the night was only going to become livelier and livelier as some of his more hard-hitting tracks awaited them.

Generously, Stone brought the energy big-time when announcing he was to play an unreleased track.  This track was of course new to the audience, but onlookers wouldn’t have had a clue, with the crowd picking up the chorus of the track ‘Crazy Eliza’ almost instantaneously – a banger that I’m sure all those in attendance cannot wait to see released on streaming platforms.

Kofi Stone live at The Louisiana / Josh Templeman

Perhaps the highlight of the night was Stone’s performance of fan-favourite track “Dirty Airforces”.  The packed crowd had been electric all night and Stone clearly recognised this, unable to resist getting involved in it himself; as he beckoned the crowd to split down the middle, there was an air of confusion as to what was about to happen.  Yet, in explosive Stone fashion, the Birmingham-based rapper throws himself into the crowd, racing up and down and building mosh-pits around himself, interacting with the crowd as he spits the intricate bars of the track.

His final track ‘Same Old’ is the perfect representation of Stone’s immense performing abilities.  Drenched in sweat after bringing non-stop energy for over an hour, he refused to hold back, matched by the crowd repeating his every word until the very last second, not wanting to go home.

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The Louisiana is a setting that has hosted huge names over the years.  From Florence + the Machine and Muse to The Chemical Brothers and Coldplay, the venue has a unique habit of discovering artists way before they blow up.  With the moves that Kofi Stone is making, it would be of shock to absolutely nobody if he were to follow a similar path.

Featured image: Tru Community

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