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Going out on a budget

For some, going on a night out is part and parcel of the university experience. Many are often put off by how expensive it is.

By Josie Roberts, Online Living Editor

For some, going on a night out is part and parcel of the university experience. Many are often put off by how expensive it is. From visiting and hearing about other universities, Bristol is one of the most expensive places to go out. Although we have an abundance of places to go, some events can cost the equivalent of a weekly shop. However, going out does not have to break the bank.

1) Early bird tickets

If you know that there is a certain event that you particularly enjoy going to or there is a specific date that you want to go out on, try and get the first released tickets. Often this can save you a few pounds. Furthermore, if you do not end up going to a specially popular event, selling your tickets last minute means you can sometimes make a healthy profit.

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2) Pre-drink

Going out for a drink in a pub or bar can often set you back a good chunk of your weekly budget. One way of curbing this is to pre-drink at your own home with your mates instead of paying £8 for the privilege of having a lot of ice mixed with about £1 worth of alcohol. A bottle of wine at Sainsbury’s could be £6 rather than the £20 you pay at a bar. Pre-drinking also means that in the club you are less likely to buy extra drinks. Just remember to drink responsibly!

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3) Take out cash

Ditch your debit card on a night out. Leave it at home and instead take out £20 (or however much you want to budget). This means that you are confined solely to that £20 and cannot spend any more. By leaving your debit card at home, you are eliminating the drunkard unlimited contactless payments that always end up occurring. It’s all well and good being the best friend someone could ask for and buying rounds of drinks when your tipsy, but that horrible sinking feeling you get in the morning when you realise you’ve gone into your overdraft is not desirable. Taking out some cash and leaving your card behind is the best way to avoid this.

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4) Don’t drink alcohol

You don’t always need alcohol to have fun and if you’re strapped for money, this is the easiest way to spend less. Alcohol costs considerably more than other drinks and therefore you will definitely spend less.

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5) Look out for deals

If alcohol is the way forward look at drinks deals and prices before you buy. Often beer is cheaper than most drinks and special deals are a good way to save money. They call it ‘Happy Hour’ for a reason. Some bars also give you free drinks when you sign up to a newsletter or app. Here are the offers at the moment in All Bar One on the Triangle for example.

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How do you save your money? Let us know!

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