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Gadgets for freshers: Navigating university life through tech

Adam Maher delves into the essential technological tools that will enhance your academic experience at the University of Bristol as a Fresher.

By Adam Maher, Third Year, Veterinary Science

Freshers, you're about to embark on intellectual exploration and late-night essay escapades at the esteemed University of Bristol. But fear not, for I, a seasoned veteran of vet science who's survived the memory gauntlet, am here to impart some technological wisdom upon you. Grab your lab coats and a cuppa – we're diving into the gadgetry that will make your university life smooth..

Let's address the elephant in the virtual room: exams. Remember those all-night cram sessions for A-levels? Well, brace yourselves because university lectures can feel like a three-hour marathon of your brain doing the tango with quantum physics. Here's where your first handy gadget comes in – the power bank. These magical portable chargers are the modern-day philosopher's stone, ensuring your laptop remains alive and kicking through even the longest academic ordeals. No more desperately searching for the mythical plug socket in lecture halls – you're now liberated to unleash your academic prowess anywhere your heart desires. Café, park, or even atop Wills Memorial Building for that Harry Potter vibe – the world (within eduroam range) is your oyster.

Let's talk about surviving in a world of library chatter and hallmate hijinks. Picture this: You've stumbled upon a treasure trove of academic enlightenment, only to be rudely interrupted by the clatter of heels or the cacophony of a heated debate over whether Lizard or Thekla reigns supreme. Enter the hero of the hour – noise-cancelling headphones. These ingenious gadgets transport you into a serene realm of silence, where only the sweet symphony of your thoughts and recorded lectures serenade you. Even better, they're a polite way to tell your pals, "Hey, I'm in the zone – let's catch up later." As a bonus, you don't have to drain your bank account for a pair; scout the internet for the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

Technology Gadgets/ Christopher Gower

Let's shift gears to the quirky and quirkier – the Bristol Moves+ app. Yes, you heard it right, Bristol rewards you for walking! Those steps between lectures, the dashes to catch buses, and the victory laps around Cabot all tally up to a glorious bounty of points. Hot drinks, exercise classes, and even trendy threads await your point-collecting prowess. But why settle for a mere smartphone to track your steps? Enter the smartwatch, a wrist-worn marvel that counts steps more accurately than your average pedometer and boasts various sleek features. It's like having a mini-butler tracking your every move, all while looking effortlessly stylish.

Speaking of pounds, shillings, and pence, being a student doesn't mean living on beans and toast forever. If you're eligible for the Bristol Bursary, you'll be delighted to know that the Finance Office has a sweet deal for you: a reimbursement of £200 on any tech you need for your scholarly pursuits. So, whether it's a laptop upgrade or the fanciest pen ever to grace a notebook, take advantage of this academic windfall.

Freshers, embrace the wild ride ahead armed with these technological marvels. Power banks for unlimited learning, noise-cancelling headphones to silence the world, smartwatches to conquer the campus, and the Bristol Moves+ app to turn those steps into rewards. Remember, dear freshers, university isn't just about mugging up facts; it's about dissent, discussion, and that unshakable urge to question the status quo. So, go forth, gadget-armed and ready to conquer – for your academic adventure has only just begun.

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

What do you think are some essential tech gadgets for uni?