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FUZE 2019: meet the girls

Meet this years FUZE fashion troupe of girls #revivethegarden Eden.

May Garland, a first year English student, interviews the girls walking for this years show.

FUZE 2019 is soon to kick off with its abundance of creativity, talent and fun; supporting charity City to Sea to combat climate change. The anticipation mounts as models start to prep for Eden's paradise of eco-makeup and sustainable products. There's still time to purchase tickets here

  1. If you could describe your style in 3 words what would they be?

  2. Who is your style inspiration?

  3. How did you get into modelling, and have you had any experience of the fashion industry before this campaign?

  4. What excites you about this year's event?

  5. Do you have any tips or advice for someone trying to be more conscious and renewable in their fashion choices?

  6. And finally, if you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one treasured item you would wish to bring?!



  1. Funky, powerful, confident

  2. My Mum, she makes a lot of her own clothes, so a lot of the things she wears are one-off pieces. She refuses to wear black and absolutely owns the colourful vibes!

  3. I did a few modelling things here and there before I came to Uni. Since I’ve been at University I’ve been involved with FUZE, and I’ve also modelled for Bristol based fashion companies during my time here. On a different note, I recently modelled for the candy kittens Christmas 2018 campaign.

  4. I have always hated how much we use plastic in our society and wish everyone felt the same. So, I’m really happy to be involved in such a big event which is raising money for city to sea- a charity which is campaigning to help prevent plastic reaching our oceans. If this event helps to change even one person’s attitude towards the environment, then I’ll be happy. I’m also excited about how we’re trying to make this year’s modelling more into a performance.

  5. Bear in mind that charity shops are sooo cheap, and second-hand clothing usually has a lot more character than brand new clothes. Vintage shops are great too, although they can be a little bit more expensive, but I find that it’s easier to find clothes that I like in vintage shops rather than charity shops. I’ve seen a few clothes swaps going on around Bristol at the moment – which is a great place to get rid of clothes that you’re bored of and finding new clothes that you love!

  6. My bed! I’m a very busy person, so my sleep is very important to me!



  1. Anything that's comfortable

  2. Top 3 are probably: Jorja Smith, my sister and Rihanna circa 2014-2015

  3. I was lucky enough to be encouraged by my flatmate to audition for FUZE and now here we are! The only modelling experience I have is cute family photoshoots you do when you're 6 and then your friends laugh at whenever they come over. The fashion industry is all very new to me but I'm certainly enjoying my experience so far

  4. In preparation for the show, everyone's been working really hard, and I'm so excited to see all of the dancers, musicians and models slot together. We've been focusing on individuality and letting our characters and personality come through on the catwalk. Expect voguing, Beyoncé style hair flicks, the worm and loads more. In short - FUZE 2019 is going to be incredible

  5. Yes, for sure! Firstly, try to do a bit of reading into why fast non-sustainable fashion is a problem - for example, I didn't previously know that water pollution from dyes running out of factories means that in some parts of China, farmers predict what the next 'in' shade is going by the colour the river turns. To make more renewable fashion choices you can shop second hand in some of Bristol's amazing charity shops and reinvent old clothes you already have - basic sewing is pretty easy and can transform a look. Finally, if you are looking to buy something new from the high street, check out "The Good Shopping" which has a nice clear table of popular retailers with low environmental impact.



  1. Androgynous, eclectic, dandyish

  2. So many people! Janelle Monáe, Esther Quek, Billy Porter, Solange.

  3. I did FUZE in 2017 and had a great time!

  4. I'm really excited about the cause that we're supporting, City to Sea. We need to revaluate our relationship to nature and unlearn our exploitative environmental practices. Protecting the environment is important itself, but it's also important to remember that environmental damage most negatively affects people in the Global South. It is closely tied to capitalism, colonialism and anti-Black, anti-indigenous systems of domination - systems which we need to actively resist.

  5. Bristol is great for beautiful pre-loved clothing. I'd say buy more second-hand clothes and do clothes swaps with friends! It'll save you money and reduce your reliance on fast fashion.

  6. My comfiest pair of walking boots.



  1. Casual, chic, classy – I do have a tendency to try and style out trackies, whether I succeed or not is another question. I’m very much about comfort.

  2. I don’t really have one style inspiration, I love Florence Welch’s style but don’t always reflect it in my own, I guess I kind of borrow things I see from a selection of different people.

  3. I’ve never had any experience in the fashion industry before, but my dad is a photographer, so I’ve had some experience in front of the camera, but it’s all pretty much very new for me and very exciting.

  4. I’m really excited to see the singing, dancing and modelling all come together, the marketing and the work that has been put in by everyone involved has been amazing and so seeing it all come together and hopefully raising lots of money for the charity is very exciting.

  5. I think researching into the providers for the clothing that you’re buying for ethical and sustainability checks is very important, but also making your wardrobe adaptable. I have a habit of turning dresses into tops and reusing pieces in alternative ways, also buying second-hand from vintage shops or charity shops can be fab.

  6. Umm probably a knife? Is that too boring and practical? Maybe bug spray?



  1. Sassy Sassy Sassy!

  2. Bridget Bardot

  3. I’ve done a little bit of modelling for charity before but nothing proper.

  4. I’m excited to see all the cool clothes even if I’m not wearing them.

  5. Instead of shopping at Primark, go for thrift shops.

  6. My dressing gown (incase it gets nippy).



  1. Comfy, casual and feminist (my favourite item of clothing is my 'sexism isn't sexy' oversized T).

  2. My little sister Rosa, although she always wears it better!

  3. I'm a complete newbie - I thought FUZE would be a great way to get out my comfort zone in my final year and do something different.

  4. Watching the dancers.

  5. Raid your family's wardrobes - my best clothes are all my dad's old skiing jumpers or my mum's smart shirts. It helps when your entire family are all 5ft!

  6. Without a doubt a good history book.



  1. extravagant, fun, sultry.

  2. Madonna!

  3. This is my first experience modelling (but I admit I'm no stranger to impromptu photoshoots).

  4. I'm really excited about this year's theme and the charity that is being supported. Climate change and the pollution of our waters and marine ecosystems are issues that are (sadly) going to affect all of us young students and the future generations. So, I think it's great to raise awareness and start challenging our daily habits that are destroying our planets.

  5. This is something I personally struggle with as it is usually difficult to find a good balance between price and fashion design (especially when getting bombarded by fast-fashion ads on social media). But I try to not lose sight of the bigger picture and what's at stake. I possibly don't really need another crop-top for £10 (or less), but we will need the resources that have been exploited for that garment later on! I buy as much second hand and vintage as I can and am currently trying to learn how to re-purpose and tailor clothes so that they fit my style and body shape (because, realistically one size never fits all).

  6. Solar-powered speakers (party for 1, dance until you die).



  1. style: never go underdressed (always extra).

  2. Clara Berry or anyone androgynous.

  3. I had some experience when I was younger, however, I prefer to be involved in the creative process so always better to work alongside people you know/friends - creates a better atmosphere/ environment.

  4. I think the time and energy that has gone into FUZE this year has been remarkable and it certainly shows. Being surrounded by such an enthusiastic and dedicated team fosters a better attitude amongst all as well so lifts the base line energy and overall ‘vibe’ of the event.

  5. It is definitely about being more aware about where certain products are sourced and also the impact they may have on the industry. I cannot stress enough the importance of shopping locally - supporting the local community. But also, considering the larger role a certain company plays in society: what contributions they make to the environment and wellbeing, the work they’re doing towards shaping the future of younger generations - this particularly applies to the representation of ethnic groups, body-image, mental health, etc. - conscious consumption.

  6. An elephant - it will be a re-enactment of The Flintstones.



  1. Eccentric normcore mess

  2. Lisa in that one episode of The Simpsons where you see her in a grown up lesbian throuple.

  3. I just went to the casting to live out my fantasy of walking a catwalk quite honestly – if you can’t do it at Uni, when can you? I used to “model” for some of my friends’ A-Level photography projects but other than that am wholly inexperienced, and I’ve got literally no other experience with the fashion industry, but I am an actor, so I do like everyone looking at me.

  4. I’m excited for all the elements to come together. I haven’t seen any of the dances, for instance, and I know they’re doing some amazing stuff, so it’ll be so great to see them doing their thing and be able to hear the musicians that we’re going to walk to.

  5. Charity shopping! I know it’s pretty much a go-to for students, but I can’t stress enough how much cool stuff is in charity shops if you make the effort to dig through for it. It’s just a plus that it’s sustainable, and your money goes to a greater place than the big consumerist machine (kind of).

  6. Bear Grylls





Featured Image: Phoebe Taylor, Tom King, & Pacho Nieto with input from Phoebe Campbell and Tom Owen

FUZE want to say a huge thank you to TINDER for sponsoring the show this year in order to bring their work to life for the students at Bristol University