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Film and Television at Bristol: How to get involved

Bristol has hundreds of societies, all created with a uniqueness to target specific interests and enthusiasts. Listed below is a collection of societies that allow students to involve themselves in the world of film and television.

By Lauren Durose, Film & TV Co-Deputy Editor.

University of Bristol Film Society: @uobfilmsociety

What could make for a more relaxing evening than heading to the Gromit Room in the SU with your friends and a collection of snacks to watch a movie for free? It's a calm setting that allows newbies to socialise without any pressure and continues after the screening with many members heading to the pub.

FilmSoc member David encourages you to come along saying that: ‘it is something for everyone. Our screenings have definitely been an event to look forward to, that lets you unwind at the end of a busy week.’

For only £3 a year, it’s unequivocally value for money, particularly considering the society hosts event screenings like watching Suspiria in a cave at Halloween - an occurrence that is clearly a fan favourite. So pop along as they ‘genuinely cannot wait to see so many new faces this year!’

Wildlife Film Society: @wildfilm.bristol

For nature enthusiasts or those who fancy a trip to Gibraltar for less than £50, becoming a member of the Wildlife Film Society will help provide a number of opportunities to help pursue your interests as well as build your experience behind the camera.

Wildlife Film Society // @olliepink_wildfilm

Ollie Pink, a member for the last two years and Vice President, highly recommends the society explaining all the things you can get involved with, whether that's ‘going to Wales or the upcoming trip to Gibraltar. Photographing and filming unique species, as well as creating stories about the incredible wildlife we see.’

It is evident from the way members speak about their experiences, as well as the quality of photography and film they produce, that this society inspires an atmosphere that allows the university to fulfill its status as the ‘go to’ place for aspiring wildlife filmmakers.

Chinese Theatre and Film Society: @ctfsbristol

This bilingual theatre and film society aims to utilise its diverse audiences and casts in order to explore the potentialities of cross-cultural arts. Providing opportunities for enthusiasts whose main creative medium is Chinese, they have produced theatrical productions of Another Cinderella's Story and Year after Year.

With only a five-pound membership fee, this society offers two-hour weekly workshops that prioritise nurturing today's creators and enhancing their skills. With workshops varying from screenings, camera shootings, rehearsals and other theatrical activities, the enriching practicality of the society is undeniably valuable.

UBTV: @ubtvstation

For those seeking experience in areas of film, television, and journalism, UBTV has all sorts of opportunities for freshers and newbies to produce, edit, film, direct or present regardless of their experience.

Courtesy of UBTV

Sophie, this year's President, and station manager, speaks highly of her time in the society, she says: ‘I might be biased, but I feel that the collaborative core of UBTV really makes it what it is and creates lifelong friendships.’ For those who are interested in pursuing a career in media; ‘we arrange speakers, events and functions so that freshers and other members can network with big companies like the BBC.’

Sophie talks about her favourite moment as a member of UBTV and makes clear that it’s ‘the NASTAs (National Association of Student Television Awards) for sure. Nothing beats an atmosphere of all the committee in their black-tie wear, drinking wine and celebrating our wins in one of the major student award ceremonies in London.’

Courtesy of UBTV

Bristol Collaborative Arts (BCA): @bristolcollaborativearts

The BCA is an interdisciplinary society that welcomes all of the creative disciplines whilst focusing mainly on film, music, and theatre. It is a society that prioritises creating a community to comfortably share work that will help to guide artists in their creations; there are talks, workshops and even an opportunity to have your work funded.

Tim at BCA expresses how if any freshers ‘have ever wanted to get involved with a film, music, art, theatre or fashion project, we will make it happen and get their work seen.’ The wide range of talented individuals work together to ‘create a diverse community where creatives from any background or expertise, are able to collaborate on projects.’

Last year BCA held an exhibition in Dareshack, Tim recalls the ‘special guest talks, film screening premiers, student artwork, fashion stalls and live DJs. With over 200 guests, the venue was packed.’ BCA is clearly a society that has student's talent and aspirations at its forefront.

InFilm Society: @infilmbristol

As the only Bristol society that focuses solely on filmmaking, InFilm aims ‘to help everyone express themselves in any way possible, and especially this year InFilm plans to give people a platform to go alongside their filmmaking skills.’

It is a society that creates a lively and imaginative atmosphere, allowing you to engage with like-minded people and explore an area you're assumedly passionate about.

Courtesy of InFilm Society

When asked about favourite moments as a member of InFilm, Dylan – the current secretary and social media manager – spoke about a horror film challenge, reminiscing how ‘the people I made that film with have become some of my best friends in the world, and that's the sort of feeling that we're trying to recreate for others in their own InFilm experiences.’

There are many more ways to partake in the creatives at Bristol, for more information head to the SU website or attend the Fresher’s Welcome Fair on the 22nd September.

Featured Image: Bristol Collaborative Arts

Will you be getting involved with film and television at Bristol?