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EPIMIX006: Floor Function

#EpiMix is back! This time, new music collective - Floor Function - join our mix and interview series. From chilled beginnings to heavy, late-night energy; this revolving amalgamation is one of the most exciting we've had, from a project with incredible potential. Check out the mix now!

#EpiMix is back! This time, new music collective - Floor Function - join our mix and interview series. From chilled beginnings to heavy, late-night energy; this revolving amalgamation is one of the most exciting we've had, from a project with incredible potential. Listen now!

Floor Function is one of the Bristol's freshest – and most self-aware – student collectives. Made up of third and second years Oli, Jonah and Sam, Floor Function's first party happened back in May. Since the project has proliferated. They’ve returned to the new term with a selection of upcoming events complete with safe space policy, alongside a brand-new residency at Stoke Croft’s busiest independent radio 10Twenty.

Taking notes from the likes of Intervention, Floor Function is keen to continue the diversification of the current scene, which remains dominated by unequal representation. By acknowledging their own advantages, this non-profit project is one of few starting with an essential self-awareness. I've got high hopes.

This mix is an almighty amalgamation of the team’s diverse tastes. From body orchestra to straight up electro pricked with acid edge, the track list is filled with niche noise, transfusing genre with utter sophistication. Listen below.


Tell us about this mix!

We’ve tried to squeeze in the range of stuff we’re currently listening to, which has meant it’s come out a bit scatty. There’s variety of genre and even a nod to Danny Dyer / Human Traffic in the final track! Hopefully, it provides a snapshot of the kind of stuff we’re into at the moment and what you might hear at one of our events.

How and why was the project born?

We all met in first year and quickly realised we were all into some similar stuff. We also had overlapping ideals when it came to music. We were essentially just music nerds talking at afters endlessly about music.

We sensed student nights were being oversold; the focus being on who was attending and the maximisation of profit; as opposed to who was playing. To us, that seemed counterintuitive. We wanted to contribute to the scene we were part of and put together an event that we would have liked to attend.

We started mixing at parties and then it came together the following year. We managed to squeeze in a day event at Rave-On-Avon in May, and then our first night happened at Take 5 Café in June.


Oliver, could you tell us a bit about yourself and the other guys behind Floor Function?

I’m a second-year Law student; big fan of Bristol’s techno sound and similar strains in France. I like experimental stuff and the more percussion-heavy side of things.

Sam is a third-year studying Politics & International Relations. Newly converted vaper, he’s been listening to a lot ambient and jazz.

Jonah is a third-year Maths student. He’s listening to electro and UK garage at the moment, as well as the 'memier side' of dance music - lots of donk and mashups.

We don’t have the same music taste, but we like that. We each bring something to the table - it means we can get through a range of stuff.

Floor Function is another in a long list of Bristol music collectives. As you’ve only really just started your party, how do you plan to stand out from the rest?

We were very aware of this when we set out to start Floor Function - there’s already lots going on. A key part of what we do is pushing underrepresented voices in dance music as there’s still a lack of diversity. The DJs we book don’t fit the straight, white male mould.

For our new 10 Twenty Radio residency, we’re trying to interview guests and showcase their talents. Saying this, we acknowledge the immense privilege we have. Even being able to put on a party is a privilege in itself, and so, we try to have maximum respect for the artists’ creative license, alongside creating a safe and enjoyable space for people attending our events.

The focus isn’t on us. It’s on the acts we book and the community of people that can come along.


Is there anything other parties do which you don’t like, and want to do differently?

We think there’s a tendency for parties to oversell, pushing capacity to its absolute limits. We like to undersell, allowing more space so that the experience is better.

There’s also still a lot of lineups that tend to be just straight white males. Though the irony of us all fitting this description isn't lost on us, we try to keep that at the forefront of our minds when organising our parties.

Do you admire any other collectives?

Yeah, for sure. We take big inspiration from plenty of UK and international collectives. The Timedance parties in Bristol - that are sadly coming to an end - really encapsulate what we love about dance music.

We also take a lot of inspiration from Discwoman, Intervention/404 & Dance With Pride. These collectives have unapologetically reclaimed the dancefloor and dance music as a political space for the people who originally created it. Of course, it has always been a political space, though more often than not, this seems to get lost in student nightlife.

We loved Physically Sick compilations by Allergy Season & Discwoman; where a variety of artists from across the globe made a collection of insanely good music with all donations going toward the community bail fund in New York or other really important campaigns. Also in terms stand out festivals, Field Maneuvers was exceptional on all fronts.


What have you got coming up?

We’re having our next party at Take 5 Cafe again on Friday the 26th of October, with Ifeoluwa (404 Records & NTS) and Luma. It’s going to be an eclectic mixture of sounds from across the board - we can’t wait for it.

We’ve got a residents & friends night coming up on Thursday 8th November at Cosies. We’ll also have some unannounced special guests coming through for that one.

We’ve also got a monthly show on 10Twenty Radio on the second Wednesday of the month - 15:00-17:00.

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