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A celebration of Bristol's independent food and music: Busker's Banquet Autumn Festival

Busker's Banquet will again taking Bristol by storm with nine new banquet experiences.

by Oscar Ross, Music Editor

Showcasing Bristol’s culinary and musical talent in bespoke banqueting events, Busker's Banquet will again taking Bristol by storm with nine new banqueting experiences, spanning across six venues, involving nine amazing chefs and 18 exciting local musical artists.

Each of the events will consist of a two course meal, with the majority of ticket holders eating at one, long, central banqueting table. This shoulder to shoulder eating style is central to the Busker's Banquet feel, with a feeling of community at the table as well as the opportunity to share both good food and good conversation with friends or like minded strangers.

Photo Credit: Yuup 

The meal is then followed by two local Bristol musical acts, where musicians are given time to speak about their music and the meaning of the songs they play, allowing for a more intimate event for musician and audience alike.

Each event is tailored down to the menus, designed by local artist Lara Contrini. As well as providing the art for the whole Busker's Banquet aesthetic, Contrini styles each menu with luscious illustrations depicting weird and wonderful illustrations of food and music, printed on glossy card as a souvenir of your musical dining experience.

Speaking to epigram from Bristol’s Fierce and Noble tap room and brewery, festival co-founder and organiser George Crowther spoke about the origins of Busker’s Banquet and the importance of the combination of food and music.

George Crowther at the Scrandit Busker's Banquet earlier this year / Yuup 

Crowther explained how the idea of the festival came during lockdown alongside co-founder Francis Reilly, with food being provided by himself and local artists playing alongside it at the first formative events. The concept was then backed when Crowther went to interview for a job at Yuup, a Bristol born creative experience company promoting local artists and events across Bristol, Bath and Birmingham.

While interviewing with Yuup, Crowther explained the Busker's Banquet concept, going on to receive promotion and backing from Yuup for the festival despite not getting the job he was interviewing for, saying: "the guy that actually got the job i went for has been super helpful, so it was a blessing in disguise as I still get to work with a lovely team at Yuup and do something I really love"

Crowther went on to speak about the heart of the Busker's Banquet ideology, describing the importance of the long Banqueting tables to create a “family feel”. Crowther also told stories of how some individuals who went alone to events in the spring festival left with new friends and connections. Crowther showed how the tailored appeal of Busker's Banquet means you are sitting with people like you, with similar taste as you, and how these are important factors when meeting people.

With Busker's Banquet spanning across Bristol with many different styles of food, music here are just a few highlights of the several banquets happening this autumn:

  • Immersive 12 piece vocal group Sonder choir over fresh pasta by Magari at Glitch Studios tattoo parlour.
  • Tiny desk style hip hop with Cuban food at Fierce and Noble with Danny Chaska
  • Heartfelt indie rock and folk songs accompanied by sushi by Bushi Sushi, also at Glitch Studios tattoo parlour with FELIX and Part Time Models.

Food and music, what else is there? Epigram will be attending some of the Buskers’ Banquet events later this autumn to tell you why this celebration of local food and music should be in your calendar.

Be quick to get your tickets to one of these amazing events here through Yuup:  

Will you be going to a Busker's Banquet?