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Brizzlepuffs creates first Quidditch league in England

The University of Bristol’s ‘Brizzlepuffs’ have introduced the first ever league system for Quidditch, a sport created by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series.

The new league is called the ‘South West League’ and was created by Tom Ower, who was a founding member of the Brizzlepuffs.

So far Quidditch has only ever been a tournament-based sport, with events being held over various weekends throughout the year.

There will now be one round of matches every month from October to April.

Team coach Josh Blannin thinks that ‘the new league is a big progression for Quidditch, and it's something that's in its trial stage. We are very hopeful though, and we want it to bring teams closer together and make the Quidditch season even more exciting!’

The news is also significant for social development. As the fastest growing full contact mixed gender sport in the world, Blannin was proud to announce that it ‘puts [them] at the forefront of gender equality in sport, which is something really amazing.’

‘Brizzlepuffs’ consists of two teams, the Brizzlebears and the Brizzlebees. Both teams will be competing. The league also hosts five other teams based in the South West: Bath Quidditch Club; Falmouth Falcons; The Swansea Seven Swans; The Exeter Eagles; and The Worcester Sorcerers.

Brizzlebears preparing to face the Radcliffe Chimeras at Southern Cup

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The first round of matches for the Brizzlepuffs will be on the 15th of October at 10am on the Durdham Downs. The Brizzlebears will play the Bath Quidditch Club, and the Brizzlebees the Exeter Eagles.

‘We are hoping that the league system works well and that it can provide basis for a possible national league in the future,’ says Blannin. ‘This would allow more Quidditch teams to play more matches throughout the year, and we’re excited to be pioneering this system.’

The Brizzlepuffs pracitcing on the Durdham Downs. All photos Epigram / Ajantha Abey.

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