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The Bristol-based start-up Sprout is bringing students and residents together to encourage positive sustainable change in local businesses.

Sprout is part of the “buycott revolution”, based on a popular movement in California called Carrotmobbing, which urges people to start spending money more ethically and make Bristol businesses more sustainable.

Sprout is here to get rid of plastic straws, cut down on unnecessary waste, get cafes to replace old wasteful equipment and even make energy out of your used coffee grounds.

Everyone has heard of boycotting, whereby you choose not to shop somewhere because you disagree with the company’s morals or ethics. Examples include companies such as Nike or Gap having profits slashed after the sweatshop labour controversy of the 1990s or Volkswagen’s emission scandal causing a big fall in sales.

Whatever it might be, boycotting works after a company is found out. But ‘buycotting’ is here to promote better business by showing that consumers, like me and you, care about promoting a more sustainable and ethical business.

Sprout engages initially with a local business - chosen by the Sprout Community - and agrees a sustainable action for the company to carry out. When enough ‘Sprouters’ use the business, the target is reached, and the action is carried out. The end goal: a greener, more sustainable Bristol.

All the individual has to do is to shop at Sprout- approved retailers. There are no extra costs, you can still spend how you would normally.

Being part of Sprout is free, and you know your money is going towards making a positive change.

People are going to continue spending money at Bristol businesses whether it’s buying that morning coffee or that lunchtime sandwich or even getting a fresh trim for that special event. But by coming together the Sprout community encourages positive and sustainable change.

You can join the Sprout movement for free by finding them on Facebook, Twitter or online at

Featured Image: Sprout Bristol

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