Xander Brett

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I end my Epigram writing at the top of the world

The Croft Magazine // Iceland is a geography student's paradise: a remote island in the ocean, but with infrastructure outweighing its small population.
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The complete guide to Bristol's surrounding racecourses

Our racing correspondent shares his favourite tracks within easy reach of our city centre... and gives his tips for this year's flat season.
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Sweden's supremacy seems accepted by its neighbours

The Croft Magazine // Travelling as a student either side of the Nordic superpower, its clear obedience remains even in independence.
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A journey up the line of the 'Baltic Chain'

The Croft Magazine // The Baltic states, clinging to the side of Russia, are cheap for students, but an odd collection of technological startups and run-down dumps.
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From sea to shining sea aboard 'The Canadian'

The Croft Magazine // A vast journey from Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) to Vancouver Island (British Columbia) saw a thief onboard and a dragon from Quebec.
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