Theo Kent


In conversation with alt-J

As alt-J return from a four-year hiatus from releasing music, Epigram talks to the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Joe Newman ahead of the new album The Dream.
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What does the future hold for Bristol's nightlife?: In conversation with Leigh Dennis of Strange Brew

Bristol’s nightclubs have long been considered some of the best in the country. It goes without saying that the nightlife of this city has attracted innumerable students and professionals alike.
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Review: Parcels - 'Day/Night'

As Parcels return with their much-awaited second studio album effort, listeners are offered the full-force of the Australian five-piece’s song-writing.
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Opinion | The vaccine passport could be discriminatory towards young people who are yet to receive their jab

The government has a lengthy history of side-lining young people and this has more recently culminated in a media crusade against students during the pandemic.
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Opinion | Staggered returns should re-open the fees debate

Since Monday 8th March, some students have been part of a limited return to in-person teaching while the vast majority of us have not. The disparity between courses in this sense, sets an unpleasant precedent that some courses are worth more than others.
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