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‘The Investigation’ is a compassionate take on true crime

The Investigation subverts the expectations of a typical true-crime drama. The attention isn’t focused on the twisted ‘eccentric’ killer, but it is instead a story about those who spent night and day trying to crack this case.
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Night out safety

The Croft Magazine // While we're currently confined to our bedrooms, it's worth reminding ourselves of what we can do to try and keep safe on nights out
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Starting university with a mental health condition

Freshers can be an overwhelming time for many students- especially those who are starting university with a pre-existing mental health condition. Samantha Kilford gives her advice on coping with this difficult transitional period.
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Celebrating the birthday of Taika Waititi: vampires, Wilderpeople and Hitler

Waititi’s unwavering determination to highlight Indigenous voices and shatter Hollywood’s norms with his innovative vision and clever humour as well as meaningful advocacy makes him a modern-day pioneer in the industry that we should all celebrate.
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Leaving lockdown: anxiety and the new stay-home syndrome

With lockdown measures easing, people are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Some are feeling relieved and cannot wait to get back to their old lives, while others have feelings of anxiety around heading back into the outside world.
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