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LGBTQ+ Lockdown Diary

The Croft Magazine // While the isolated existence this academic year has been a struggle for the entire student population, for LGBTQ+ students, there may be additional challenges to this loss of community. Rebecca Widdowson shares some creative outlets for this difficult time.
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To drink or not to drink: the pressures of university drinking culture

Despite the fact that clubs are closed and we're unlikely to be back in bars for a while, many students may still be feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to drink.
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Lockdown loneliness vs. lockdown overload: thoughts on time in isolation

In a time when many of us are either spending a lot of time apart from loved ones or are unable to get space to ourselves, it can be challenging to know how to strike a balance.
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‘I literally looked like a hamster!’: The rise of mumps at universities

As cases of the mumps seem to be on the rise, Epigram explores how this has been affecting students at the University of Bristol and how to recognise the symptoms.
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Empowering women in relationships

Learn what really makes you tick so that you know what you want from a relationship when the opportunity presents itself. Which it will.
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Opinion | Briscrush is not wholesome... it is harmful

At first glance the confessions on Briscrush appear cute and innocent. Strangers are able to reconnect after missed opportunities or chance encounters. The Facebook page also offers life-long friends the ability to come clean about their feelings towards one another anonymously.
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