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Arles Easter feria 2019

Oliver Briscoe offers us an immersive walk through Arles and its notable and historically cherished bullfights
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The Favourite pales in comparison to Lanthimos’ previous works

Despite a raft of high quality performances, Yorgos Lanthimos’ fifth major work fails to live up to its billing as a major awards contender in its portrayal of Queen Anne’s frail years and the power struggle between her beloved Lady Sarah Churchill and Abigail Hill.
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Why I will not support These Walls Must Fall

A few weeks ago students helped Bristol City Council to pass a motion calling for an end to the indefinite detention of asylum seekers, as part of These Walls Must Fall. But I cannot support this action.
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Review: Mr Swanton's Barbershop

Oliver Briscoe reviews Clifton's finest traditional barbershop, revealing the enigma of Mr Swanston's A curiosity from the outside, Mr Swanton’
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Tailoring to a T

As we are now amongst a season of balls, formals and birthdays, first year Law Student Oliver Briscoe shares his
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Oscars 2018: Men of the red carpet

First year Law student Oliver Briscoe shares his five favourite looks from the Oscars 2018 as worn by some of
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Guys let's get ethical

In continuation of Epigram's Green Week, first year Law student Oliver Briscoe reveals how the men of Bristol can become
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