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There’s an ugly side to the student modelling industry

For young female undergraduate students who are trying to balance studying with earning some money while maintaining positive mental health, modelling can be a toxic and unrewarding industry.
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‘It’s important to create a culture where our bodies are celebrated’ - Interview with Bristol alum, Katie Pritchard

University of Bristol graduate Katie Pritchard took advantage of the UK’s two national lockdowns this year to start her own independent art business, selling commissioned paintings, posters, vases, t-shirts and more on her Etsy page and her Instagram account.
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Bristol student responses to the outcome of the US election

News broke on Saturday afternoon that Joe Biden officially won 2020 US Presidential election. Epigram talks to a handful of students about their response to the election results.
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Spotlight on Nilaari: The charity offering culturally appropriate counselling services to the Bristol BAME community

Nilaari is a community-based charity who offer therapy and guidance to BAME adults and young people in Bristol, as well as training sessions in cultural competence to the wider community. Epigram spoke to Shelagh Hetreed from the Nilaari team.
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Around the world with how universities are adapting to COVID-19

The beginning of a new academic year for Universities in the UK is fast approaching, but circumstances have rarely felt so unfamiliar. Epigram takes a look at how Universities in other countries around the world have coped with teaching in a pandemic.
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Student mental health deterioration in the wake of COVID-19

We all recognise that COVID-19 has affected the nation's mental health, but no-one has drawn enough attention to the fact that students have been hit particularly hard.
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What does ‘decolonising the curriculum’ mean for the University of Bristol?

Over the past few months, the University of Bristol has committed to decolonising the Bristol curricula, changing the University logo and establishing an anti-racism Steering Group.
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