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Game of Thrones SPOILERS: ‘The Long Night’ is far from the battle scenes of ‘Hardhome’

The battle between the living and the dead has been long anticipated throughout the globe conquering series, but is the Sunday night's episode indicative of a waning quality in recent years?
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Dafoe immense as Van Gogh, but At Eternity’s Gate is an incomplete portrait

The experienced actor belies his age to play the famed artist superbly and Julian Schnabel’s biopic has its moments, mostly owed to its cast, despite inconsistencies.
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Fleabag is a miraculous comedic gem in a cynical age

The second season of one of the great modern TV comedies has been on everyone's lips and it proves a masterstroke in improving and wrapping up the series.
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Mr. Burns @ Loco Klub ★★★★

Stunning costume, tactile use of space, and the infamous Mr. Burns impress in Spotlights' immersive show. Miles Jackson reviews.
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Awards have a corrosive effect on the film industry: let’s talk more about the brilliant films outside the clique

The awards season and press which follows it relentlessly is draining coverage and outreach from smaller films deserving of more.
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Can You Ever Forgive Me? is lacking in tension and direction despite some witty dialogue

Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant are receiving plaudits for their acting, but the film itself is bland and disappointing.
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