Max Langer


Mental health must not be conflated with partisan politics

Epigram is an independent and neutral newspaper, aiming to publish opinions from across the student body. To respond with an
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All students should desire a People's Vote

In the wake of today's student protest outside Senate House, it is clear: You should support a People's Vote, whether you voted Remain or Leave
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Bristol’s mental health is in crisis and the Lib Dems are demanding better

Recently, members of the Liberal Democrats gathered in Brighton for their Autumn conference where they discussed their policy and their way forward. I was there, and it has convinced me more than ever, that the Lib Dems are the party demanding better for students.
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'Pacific Rim Uprising' review - the film for your inner 10 year old

If you wanted to go see Pacific Rim Uprising and criticise it, you could rip it to shreds but there's
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'You Were Never Really Here' review - Joaquin Phoenix at his most endearingly unhinged

The highly original You Were Never Really Here is nothing short of a brutally uncomfortable, action-thriller masterpiece. Max Langer reviews.
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Joon-ho Bong - a director dedicated to environmental blockbusters

Hollywood has a continuing lack of originality with sequels and remakes being the norm, catering for the lowest common denominator.
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