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Yes Day: finally some good cultural representation! Shame about the movie, though

Even though Miguel Arteta’s Yes Day (2021) looks like it was a blast to film but the end result amounts to a stale compilation of brightly coloured, flatly lit montages, strung together with the occasional line of dialogue in an attempt to build a narrative.
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Netflix's 'Ava' is a waste of talent and time

Ava left me with two questions: why does it exist in the first place and, most importantly, why is Jessica Chastain actively sabotaging her own career?
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'The Queen’s Gambit' Disappoints but Anya Taylor-Joy Never Does

Even if at times uninspired and tonally confused, Scott Frank and Alan Scott’s drama gives the audience a cool, sharp and ultimately delightful performance by Anya Taylor-Joy
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"Chemical Hearts" – been there, done that, please don’t take me back

Everything in this film, from the sun glare in the camera lens to the teacher desperate to inspire the next generation, screams teen movie
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